Remindful Life just hit the refresh button and transformed into FLRSH360.

Remindful Life has undergone a transformation and emerged as FLRSH360. Wondering why? It’s been a slow and steady evolution over the past few years, weaving through the twists and turns of exploration and discovery.

Back in the day, Remindful Life focused on Mindful Learning & Living, emphasizing purposeful choices and carving out space for self-awareness and reflection

However, the overarching goal, my North Star, my insatiable quest revolves around the broader, more expansive concept of Human Flourishing


I’m all about self-awareness and reflection but I’ve kicked it up a notch to extend to inspired action, intrinsic motivation, and self-mastery—holistic development across the mind, body and soul. 

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For my family and me, this journey has unfolded through Self-Directed Learning and Living, and that’s the heart and soul of FLRSH360.


Embracing self-directed learning and living in your family can nurture personal growth, autonomy, and adaptability, empowering you to proactively navigate life's challenges, fostering confidence and self trust, and cultivating a resilient and fulfilled existence.

For those familiar with my approach, you know I enjoy doing things differently—hence, FLOURISH sans the vowels. And 360? This represents the full circle approach of human existence. FLRSH360 embraces a playful mindset, advocating for lightheartedness and simplicity while forging ahead towards your full potential for the whole family.

FLRSH360 extends an invitation to reexamine life, individual development, and family through a fresh lens. Together, we will courageously navigate unexplored realms, forging a path for ourselves and the next generation to embrace individuality, nurture profound self-trust, and discover our inner guidance.

I'm thrilled to have you here.

Join me on this quest towards reaching new heights of Human Flourishing. 

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