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"This book is a must-read for modern parents."

For parents committed to preparing their children for the complexities of the modern world, this book is a must-read. It's an invitation to rethink traditional parenting roles and embrace a more collaborative, respectful, and empowering approach to raising children.

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Do you want your children to be independent, resilient and have a strong sense of their own identity? Do you want your children to have a spark for life and learning? Do you want a thriving & connected family?

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Hi, I’m Jeneen. 

I’m an entrepreneur, a fun loving adventurer, creator of FLRSH360 & Unschooling Mama of 2 teenagers living in Bali, Indonesia. 

I help parents to support themselves and their children mindfully; to develop and realize their child's true potential, to connect deeply and develop a thriving family environment.  

With decades of personal development work, an MA in Transformative Learning and 8 years of my own personal lived experience in Unschooling & Self Directed Learning, I will be your guide through this life changing process.

With my own life woven together by living in a foreign country, an inter-cultural marriage, multiple businesses and two beautiful children, our family landed upon Self Directed Learning. This awe-inspiring, eye opening experience transformed our family and lead me here today - to walk with you on your journey! 

Let’s revolutionize how we parent, how we learn and how we connect with our own inner drives to realize our best & most fulfilling family life. 

Let me help you on this journey.

Wanna hear more of my story?

If you are a parent that is:

  • Wondering if your child is developing the skills needed for the future 
  • Wanting your child to be more self directed, happy, adaptable & confident
  • Wondering what flourshing looks like as a family
  • Exploring how you can better support your child’s development
  • Curious what learning could look like that highlights your child’s strengths & develops their interests
  • Questioning the benefits of the current education system
  • Seeing your child struggle in their current learning environment

Then you are in the right place!


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What do they need to learn?

We embarked on this self-directed learning journey with our kids 8 years ago. We started by asking ourselves, "What do we want our children to learn?"

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Our next Parenting Pillars course starts in Fall 2024! Click here to learn more and become a community member to get early access & an early bird discount! 

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