Join us in the parenting course, 'Parenting Pillars; Raising Confident, Resilient, Independent Children', where we delve into the six foundational parenting pillars.

Together, we'll build your confidence and clarity on your parenting path. Playfully centered around the idea of taking a flight or a trip, we'll joyfully experiment while creating a nurturing environment that fosters your children's full potential, ultimately leading to confident, resilient kids and a flourishing family dynamic. 

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What can I look forward to as a family?

You'll start to experience fresh new ways to approach parenting, know your children on a profoundly deeper level, and learn to thrive as a family, joyfully & intentionally.

  • You'll learn new things about your children; their interests, desires, values and motivations.
  • You'll see new things in yourself as the process reflects back to you as a parent.
  • You'll see how it transforms your family as each member thrives in their own way but in the unity of a family.



Woohoo! Let's journey together!

What Others are Saying



Kat, Bali, Mother of 1

"I'm now making decisions that feel more aligned and in-tune with my family and I feel less worried about my choices. I can relax and really enjoy time with my son."

Alison, Australia, Mother of 3

"I love how the course breaks down the 'commonly held view' to make it seen from a new angle - it helped me to connect deeply with my kids and respect & honour our differences."

Grace, New York, Mother of 2

"The course shows how changes in our children change us too."

Jessica B, London, Mother of 2

"I entered this course feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about how to raise confident, resilient, and independent children. Today, I'm leaving with a toolbox filled with practical strategies and a newfound sense of confidence in my parenting journey. The course not only transformed my children's lives but also my own approach to parenting."

What's included in the Journey:


  • NEXT SESSION begins in Fall 2024
  • 30 detailed sessions (at your own pace) 
  • Videos, activities, prompts, articles and assessments to guide you through the exploration
  • printable workbook to guide you along the way
  • An interactive, global community
  • LIMITED OFFER: One PRIVATE 60min Reflection Support session with me! (any time you choose)
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the course material.
Months of Interactive, experiential learning & a supportive global community - all for $360 USD 


Leaving you feeling an enlivened sense of possibility, a deeper connection, more intentional decision making and a thriving family environment.

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This Parenting course has been years in the making. It’s rooted in my own family’s experience but also based on interviews, case studies, and research. I’ve taken great care to put it all together in a format that is intensive yet digestible.

I care greatly about your experience throughout this journey.

If for any reason, it falls short of your expectations, I’d love to have an open conversation where you can share your thoughts and feedback. If you're still unsatisfied or don’t feel as though you and your family have benefited from the course, I’d be happy to discuss a refund or an alternate solution.